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TranslationtoSpansh.com has been a terrific resource for all of our Spanish translation needs. They are efficient and professional, always delivering the completed work on or before the agreed upon deadline... We feel very fortunate to have found them”
- Shane Campbell, HR Director
Varsity Facility Services (www.varsityfs.com)



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Submit your documents, receive a final quote instantly, which includes a delivery date and confirm your order. Although the process is fully automated, you can always write us or chat with our customer support representative.
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Your translation is assigned to a qualified translator from our team and also a reviewer that will make sure of the quality of your translation.


You will be notified by e-mail once your translation is finished, so you can download it from our website.


We translate all kinds of electronic documents:

Websites (HTML, Javascript, ASP, PHP)

Microsoft Word documents*

PowerPoint presentations*

PDF files



Corel Draw

AutoCAD drawings

Excel spreadsheets*


*This type of files can be
quoted and ordered automatically in less than 5 minutes

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No "Machine Translations" - but carefully crafted by native professionals

All translations are performed by professional translators who are native speakers and experts in their respective areas of knowledge (with at least one bachelor degree in that area).

We translate and adapt your original text into a perfect text in the target language as if it was originally done by a native writer.

The original format is honored so your final result is an accurate translated version of your original file


SDS (formerly MSDS) sheets

Industrial Safety / OSHA documentation

Human Resources Manuals

Machine instructions

Technical tables

Process operation sheets



User Manuals

Marketing material

Web pages and downloadable PDFs

Software User Manuals

Engineering Drawings in AutoCAD

Architectural drawings

Machine installation blueprints

Technical specifications in DXF or DWG formats

Maps and cartographic charts

Software GUI

Books and eBooks for Kindle

Biblical Christian literature

Studies and postgraduate papers



Employee manuals


Technical Translations:

Automotive, Robotics, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Safety, OSHA, ISO standards, Quality

Information Technology:

Website translation and development, Software, Hardware, User Manuals, User Interfaces localization, Apps UI


Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Commercial & Sales Letters, PowerPoint presentations, Brochures

Architectural and Engineering:

Machinery, Architectural and Civil Blueprints, Technical specifications

Christian & Biblical:

Christian Books, Evangelistic material, Gospel music, Tracts, VBS, Sunday School material, Discipleship, Teachings, Preachings

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TranslationToSpanish was established in the year 2000, back when iMac G3 was in the edge of technology and the Internet started to gain traction. No smart phones were available - the highest cell phone technology was the deceased Palm Treo 600.

We have served many valuable customers from all around the globe, providing them with accurate, carefully crafted, hand-made translations, using of the newest advances in technology, but taking great care of providing a final document as it was originally written by a native speaker of the target language.

The process to get your translation done with us is as easy as 1-2-3: Upload your files, confirm your order and download your translated files by the promised date. To get started, click here to upload your documents.

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