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Refunds Policy

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Refunds Policy

In TranslationToSpanish.com we strive to provide the highest possible quality for our professional translation services.

We use a two-step verification process to make sure that our translations have no critical errors. Even so, we recognize that, as humans, eventually something can go wrong,


If you catch an error, omission or missing text, please let us know immediately by email and provide us know the following information:


1. What text is involved (page, paragraph, etc.) so that we can easily identify the text. You may use the virtual marker offered by MS Word or Powerpoint as well.

2. Description of the error(s), for example, missing word/phrase, mistranslation, incorrect number/date, etc.


We will promptly correct the error and hire a second (different) proofreader to check the entire document, so that we can assure that no other error will be present, at no cost for the client.


If the said errors are deemed true, but you don't want your document to be corrected and re-checked at no cost for you then you can opt for a 50% refund of the cost of your translation service for the document of concern.


Please note that WE CANNOT GUARANTEE PREFERENTIAL CHANGES, such as word choice among synonyms, stylistic changes that don't add value to the translation, and other corrections that don't change the final meaning for the reader of the target language.


This policy covers only this kind of error/mistakes:

- Typographic errors (entering mistyped letter, for example, "succesfullu" instead of "successfully")

- Syntax and grammar errors, such as "It is don't permitted to open the door."

- Mistranslations (incorrect words) for example if the translation misread "hose" instead of "nose".

- Gross errors, like not including a "no" or "don't", for example. "You should not touch the engine while it's hot" rendered as "You should touch the engine..."

- Missing or added words/phrases


You also need to provide the following information on the person who spotted the apparent error:

-Name and age

-Is he/she a professional translator or reviewer?

-Is he/she a native speaker of the target language?

if not, Does he/she have any credentials/diploma of non-native language fluency (language school, etc.)?


We reserve the right to change this policy from time to time with no prior advise. Please refresh this web page to see the most current version.

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Refunds Policy

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