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A tagger that lets you extract only the translatable text from an AutoCAD drawing has been the “missing link” in Trados, SDLX, Wordfast, Deja Vu (DVX), Across, Metatexis and all other CAT tools. Even the famous TagEditor for Trados doesn’t include such capability.

Not any more!. In Translation to we developed our own AutoCAD tagger. First, it became our own “secret project”, that helped us to save countless hours when translating AutoCAD projects. This tagger was written as a proof-of-concept code, but when it worked for us, we decided to help other fellow translators / agencies as well.

TranslateCAD is the commercial tagger for AutoCAD that resulted from a deep investigation and development effort, since we made sure that it was not only useful for English-to-Spanish language pair, but for ANY language supported by Windows: Chinese (Simplified and Traditional, Mandarin and Cantonese), Russian, German, Japanese, Thai, Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Korean, Hindi, etc.

If you need to translate AutoCAD drawings with big tables of text, or maybe little text, but grouped along with other objects, or spread around a big drawing, then TranslateCAD is the answer to your problem.

Our AutoCAD tagger that creates a small, manageable, translatable text file (Unicode Plain Text). (See sample files)

This file can be translated with any computer-assisted tool in the market, taking advantage of your existing translation memories, glossaries and dictionaries.

You may try the unregistered version and tag the first 50 words of any drawing, regardless of its size. This tagger also counts words for you without size or count restriction.

Once you have tried it, if you decide to unlock it for full functionality the investment will pay for itself in the first project that you tag.

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Translate CAD is a software that lets you use Trados, Wordfast, DejaVu, DVX, SDLX, SDL, and other Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools to translate your AutoCAD DXF drawings.