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Does TranslateCAD handle DWG files?

No, TranslateCAD® handles only DXF files. You would need to use your AutoCAD® software to convert your drawings using the File->Save As... menu. Alternatively, there are a number of shareware or freeware tools that perform this task. Although we don't sponsor any of them, we have successfully tried AnyCAD, which allows you to freely convert individual drawings without apparent restriction (batch mode is not supported in the unregistered version). We have had good results as well with DraftSight, a totally free 2D CAD software with compatible AutoCAD commands that reads and writes DWG and DXF files. And, it's file size (65MB) is very small for what it does.

How can I see Unicode characters in AutoCAD?

You would need to install the respective True Type Font in your PC and in the Client's PC in order to properly view/print in Unicode-based languages. For instance, for Chinese language, you need to download and install SimSun font. You may download the Support Package for foreign languages directly from Microsoft.

How to segment files created with TranslateCAD using SDL

Nora Diaz's blog has a great step by step explanation on how to translate using TranslateCAD with SDL, segmenting the text1 files created by TranslateCAD and translate them with SDL Studio (2014/2017/2019)

Can I translate Unicode characters within DTEXT object?

Not directly with TranslateCAD. Due to the nature of the (outdated) DTEXT object, it is not possible to use Unicode fonts, if your source drawing has DTEXT objects, you may need to convert them to MTEXT using AutoCAD. 

This is a workaround to solve the problem:

1. Download this AutoLisp script file in your hard drive and Uncompress (unZip) the file.

2. Open your drawing in AutoCAD and save with a different name.

3. Select menu Tools-AutoLisp-Load application and select the file t2m.lsp and click on "Load" button

4. Type the command T2M in AutoCAD

5. Select all the text you want to convert

6. Save your drawing with MTEXT as DXF

7. Translate it with TranslateCAD

Many thanks to Terry Drewes, Author of T2M script.
(File Found at Autodesk forums)

Why am I getting the error "The target file is already open by another application"?

We're working to solve this problem already. This error message is shown not only when the target file is actually open or locked, but also when the *trans1.txt file is not properly formatted/encoded.

In order to correct this error, you may try the following steps:

1. Run Microsoft Word
2. Within word, please open the file *trans1.txt
3. If prompted, select the encoding type (normally the one shown by default works fine)
4. You should see your translated text (target language) on the file
5. Use MS Word menu "File-Save AS"
6. Select file type "plain text", and choose override the file
7. When prompted choose this encoding: Unicode
Do NOT select UTF-8 nor UTF-7 nor "Unicode (Big-Endian)", but just the plain "Unicode", the first encoding type on the list
8. Make sure that the "End lines with" option has "CR/LF" selected
9. Click on OK to save your file and then close it

Once the *trans1.txt file is already re-formatted and properly encoded with Unicode, please continue with your reconstruction of DXF files in TranslateCAD.


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