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TranslateCAD® saves many hours 
of hard work by allowing you to 
translate AutoCAD drawings in 
plain-text format with your 
translation memory.

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Freelance Translators and Translation Agencies:
For A One-Time Investment Of Only
$29 USD You Can SAVE Literally Hundreds of Hard-Work Hours When Translating AutoCAD DWG or DXF Drawings

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In our latest test, the translation time for one drawing was reduced from 2 hours translating it directly with AutoCAD® using the awkward MTEDIT command, to only 15 minutes using TranslateCAD®

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Editing in
2 hours 15 minutes

TranslateCAD® Extracts the Translatable Text From Any AutoCAD® Drawing, Creating a Plain-Text File That You Can Translate Using Any CAT Tool, Taking Advantage of Your Existing Translation Memories, Glossaries, and Even Outsource the Plain-text Translation to Other Colleagues.

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Independent Reviewer Opinion:

"...I found the application easy to use, and everything worked right the first time..."

Read full review at Translator's Tools Blog by Gururaj Rao

With TranslateCAD® you only need to invest 5 extra minutes processing your AutoCAD® DXF files and you're ready to translate in plain-text format using your favorite CAT tool. (You may use Trados, SDLX, Wordfast, DejaVu, or any other CAT software that supports plain text in Unicode format). 

You may translate AutoCAD® drawings' text even if you don't have AutoCAD® installed. (Although it's recommended that you do a double-check and re-formatting with AutoCAD® after the text has been processed with TranslateCAD®.)

TranslateCAD® supports Unicode to allow you translate virtually any possible language including Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, etc. (Note: You and the customer need to have the corresponding Unicode True Type Font installed).

The unregistered version is yours to keep, and you may use it to count words within AutoCAD DXF Drawings (without size or word limit) and to translate the first 50 words of any AutoCAD® drawing regardless of its size.

Or... you may register and get your license to unlock the software and translate an unlimited number of words within any drawing. In order to purchase your license, please download the software (trial version) and the software will show a button for you to buy it.

It will more than pay for itself on your next AutoCAD® translation project.

Get your license key today! for only $34.95 $29.00 USD

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Customer Testimony:

"TranslateCAD allowed me to work on a large project with about 800 DXF files. This is a great software and the support is simply prompt, reliable and friendly."

Dr. Waldemar Labusga - Mendoza, Argentina


How does Translate CAD works?


Extract the translatable text with TranslateCAD® as a plain-text Unicode file.

(Download Sample Files)




Translate using your favorite CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) software and your own translation memories & glossaries.

(Download Sample Files)



3 Create the target translated DXF drawing using TranslateCAD® again and open it in AutoCAD® for further editing/revision.

(Download Sample Files)

TranslateCAD® Software Features:

• Lets you translate AutoCAD® DXF drawings of all versions - from AutoCAD® R12 to AutoCAD® 2015

Compatible with all current versions of Windows® (98/95, XP, Vista, Window 7 and Windows 8.x)

Very small size; installation package is only 225 KB and requires only 226 KB of your Hard Disk (including documentation) Download it here.

Stand-alone executable software. Does not install conflicting DLLs or any other frameworks or libraries

• Free updates for life. There is no need to buy licenses every year for new versions. Your same license key will still be working in our future versions.

Try it yourself!

Download TranslateCAD® today and see how it can save many hours of your valuable time.

The trial version is fully functional up to the first 50 words of any DXF file. It can even count the words in your drawings. Plus it never expires. You may use it freely for drawings with little text even if the DXF files are several Megabytes in size.

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