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Spanish Mexican Translations Translation to Logo We provide affordable and accurate Spanish translation services. Technical Engineering, Biblical, Mechanical, Electronic and Manufacturing documentation is accurately translated into Spanish.
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human-made, native translations
Do not compromise your professional image. Translation of your Web Site or important documents by a non-native translator could result in a catastrophe! (see funny examples).
Would you trust your car’s mechanical repair to a medical doctor?

Of course not. Your doctor would know how to deal with human illnesses but not with a mechanical failure.

Everyone specializes in different areas. We specialize in two: Web Site Development & English to Spanish Translation. This unique combination leads to a highly-focused skill set: Comprehensive Web Site Translation.

If you need to reach the Spanish speaking public through the web, you would need a Spanish version of your site. Most Spanish speaking people do not read English fluently, and chances are after entering your site, they will abandon it in seconds to search for another company that offers the same product or data in Spanish.

On the other hand, if you use a “machine translation” or hire a non-native translator, the results will be almost the same, if not worse. People will not see your company as a serious business since there will be obvious translation errors. See our funny real-life examples.
Technical Web Sites
We also translate content that includes highly technical terminology from subject areas such as Engineering, IT, Internet, Hardware, Electronics, Physics, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Manufacturing, Automation, and many others.

A very important aspect of translating a Web Site is functionality. Your web pages may have ASP scripts, Javascript code embedded into HTML, Flash animations, etc. Because of our expertise in web site design and development, we can handle all of these specialized codes: HTML, ASP, Javascript, and CGI scripts.

Additionally, we can translate the text contained in graphics made with Corel Draw®, Flash®, Photoshop® and other popular graphics packages.

If you need an estimate please use TranslationCart, our web-system that will give you an instant estimate, or write us for a same-day personal reply. We are always glad to help.

Please visit our portfolio page, where you will find links to web sites that we translated from English to Spanish in previous projects.
competitive rates (fees) - Spanish Translation services
Terminology Fee*
Simple English $0.07
Commercial / Marketing / HR $0.08
Technical / Engineering $0.09
Surcharge for Direct-to-HTML coding (Web Sites) $0.02

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